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BRS Associates provides liquidation services to companies considering liquidation, including information regarding voluntary liquidation.

BRS Associates provides liquidation services to companies considering their options, this includes members’ voluntary liquidation, where a company can pay all its debts and creditors’ voluntary liquidation.

We are independent insolvency practitioners providing expert, unbiased advice for businesses that are facing potential insolvency, statutory demands or feel they are going under.

BRS Associates can also assist individuals by providing insolvency advice from   independent insolvency practitioners.

We also provide insolvency, restructuring and financial solutions for both companies and individuals.

Company liquidation, liquidators, voluntary liquidation and insolvency practitioners with BRS Associates.

What can BRS do for you?

  • Company Liquidation - BRS can assist directors who recognise that company liquidation is their only option. We recognise that this can be a difficult time and act with due sensitivity at all times

  • Voluntary Liquidation v Compulsory Liquidation - Voluntary liquidation is initiated by the directors who having regard to the company's position feel it appropriate to put it into liquidation. Compulsory Liquidation is a court driven process and involves the government through the Official Receiver. It is usual for a creditor to initiate a winding up petition with the expectation of being repaid from the sale of the company’s assets 

  • Insolvency Practitioners - We are an independent firm of insolvency practitioners licensed to carry out both creditors' voluntary liquidations and members' voluntary liquidations
  • Solicitors and Accountants - Do you have a client facing severe financial difficulties? BRS Associates can provide a free initial consultation to outline all the options available to them 

  • Businesses - If you own a company that is underperforming financially, BRS will help you identify ways in which it may be possible to help turn the business around 

  • Individuals - BRS can help you to manage your debts and understand all the choices open to you, be it bankruptcy or an individual voluntary arrangement (IVA).
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